Welcome to Web Garden!

Web Garden Limited is the home of certified Umbraco developer David Conlisk. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, I specialise in developing websites using the Umbraco content management system. I am also interested in Microsoft .Net development, SQL Server, jQuery, LINQ, MVC and related web technologies. I also have experience in developing mobile applications using PhoneGap. You can find plenty of information about Umbraco and web/mobile development related issues on this site, and also some examples of projects that I have developed.


Our latest venture is Themebraco.com - an exciting new development in the Umbraco world. Themebraco is a marketplace to browse beautiful themes built exclusively for the Umbraco CMS. High quality themes, professionally designed and built responsive site templates which are super-quick to install. Sign up to be the first to find out about the imminent site launch!

Recent Mobile Work

Here are some of the mobile apps that I have worked on recently. The Food Hospital and Patient apps were built using PhoneGap, making use of HTML, CSS3 and plenty of jQuery. The VCrew.com site is a responsively designed web app with an Umbraco CMS integrated with existing client database systems.

Channel 4 Food Hospital Fibre Challenge mobile app
Patient IBS mobile app

Recent Umbraco Work

Here is a selection of Umbraco sites that I have been involved with recently. I have collaborated with a number of web design agencies on some of these projects, as well as working directly with the client on others.

Debrett's Online
Beacon Purchasing
Reed in Partnership