Welcome to Web Garden!

Web Garden Limited is the home of Xamarin and certified Umbraco developer David Conlisk. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, I specialise in developing cross-platform mobile apps using Xamarin, as well as web apps using the Umbraco content management system. I am also interested in Microsoft .Net development, SQL Server, jQuery, LINQ, MVC and related web technologies. You can find plenty of information about Xamarin, Umbraco and web/mobile development related issues on this site, and also some examples of projects that I have developed.

Recent Mobile Work

As always this list is hopelessly out of date, but here are some of the mobile apps that I have worked on in the past that I'm allowed to tell you about. These days all mobile work is with Xamarin so the results are native apps rather than hybrid ones.

The Food Hospital and Patient apps were built using PhoneGap, making use of HTML, CSS3 and plenty of jQuery. The VCrew.com site is a responsively designed web app with an Umbraco CMS integrated with existing client database systems.

Channel 4 Food Hospital Fibre Challenge mobile app
Patient IBS mobile app

Recent Umbraco Work

Here is a selection of Umbraco sites that I have been involved with recently. I have collaborated with a number of web design agencies on some of these projects, as well as working directly with the client on others.

Debrett's Online