Welcome to Web Garden!

Web Garden Limited is the home of Xamarin and certified Umbraco developer David Conlisk. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, I specialise in developing cross-platform mobile apps using Xamarin (both MVVMCross and Xamarin.Forms), as well as web apps using MVC and the Umbraco content management system. I am also interested in Microsoft .Net development, SQL Server, jQuery, LINQ, MVC and related web technologies. You can find plenty of information about Xamarin, Umbraco and web/mobile development related issues on this site, and also some examples of projects that I have developed.

Recent Work

While I can't brag about any work that I've done for design agency clients, here are a couple of side projects that I have released (read more about them on the blog):

The Limb Activator

This is an app designed for stroke survivors who may be suffering from a neglected limb. It's a pretty simple app, and you can download it for free. It was developed using Xamarin Forms and Grialkit.

The Bristol Stool Chart

This was originally my first native iOS app built back in 2011 as a prototype for future medical app development. When it stopped working in 2015 due to an iOS update, I started to get emails from frustrated users, and I realised that it was actually pretty useful for some folk. So I've redeveloped it as a cross-platform (iOS and Android) app using Xamarin Forms and Grialkit.